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That's how I see it

How do I feel about my city? What relationship do I have with the city on a daily basis? What relationship would I like to have? What is real and what is fiction? Do I really look, see, notice, feel the city around me, or do I just pass through it every day?


This series emerged from my reflection on possible answers to these questions. I realized that there is a daily relationship between me and the city that is not the relationship I would like to have. It is as if this reality were fiction, a fantasy that I create daily in my head in order to hide reality. On the other hand, the relationship I would like to have with the city is a fiction, a desire I have inside, a daily representation in my mind of a dream. And in the rare moments when the dream becomes real, reality and fiction blend together.

The original support for this series is a book leporello (accordion) in size 10x10cm, with two covers, thus enabling the two different readings of my relationship with the city.

This is how I see it: From Above

Frente 1.jpg
Frente 2.jpg

This is how I see it: From the street

Verso 1.jpg
Verso 2.jpg
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