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Photographer with a documentary eye on what is happening around him. Eduardo Beltrame has a degree in Civil Engineering, but is currently dedicated exclusively to photography as a profession and as a means of expressing his vision of the world.

Born and raised in Florianópolis - a city in southern Brazil - he was also a boy scout for many years, intensifying his contact and experience with nature, as well as his exploring side. This helped to keep your eyes open to natural beauties, and this theme is very present in your path and creative process within photography.


A violinist since the age of seven, his emotional and intuitive side finds a good balance with his methodic engineering side, which makes his look unique. When composing his images, he seeks aesthetic perfection at the same time that he wants to convey his feelings and concerns through his compositions.

To better understand his creative processes and how authorial photography relates to art, Beltrame sought support at NEFA - Nucleus for Studies in Photography and Art, a group directed by artist and curator Lucila Horn, in Florianópolis, SC.

Eduardo Beltrame

Brazil | 1982


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