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How to buy my artworks

Fine art is an unfamiliar term for many. Among the various types of photography that exist - such as fashion, sports, journalistic, architecture, events, etc -, there is authorial photography, also called fine art photography , which is every photo made with the intention of the photographer to show their vision about something, to use photography as a form of artistic expression.  

But another more tangible and straightforward definition is that of Fine Art printing . In Fine Art printing, there is great concern with color fidelity, tonal variation, durability over the years and paper quality. Therefore, this type of printing is done with special pigments, in our own printers, and with the use of special cotton papers, bamboo fibers, among other types. Thus, in addition to ensuring that the colors are exactly the same and correct , the print has a proven durability of over 100 years in a museum environment.


Large format photo printing (1.10 x 2.20m) on an Epson printer with mineral pigments. Printed in Multicor by  Endrigo Righeto.


Browse Collections Pages and Series. There you will understand my look a little better and you will be able to choose the works that you most identified. You can also choose works according to the topic you are interested in.

If you prefer, you can contact me directly through the channels below, telling me what kind of work you have in mind. My collection is large and I can send you some options directly. Depending on the case, I can produce some custom work with the theme you want.


Based on the information sent, I will make a simulation of your environment with the chosen work, with a suggestion of size and frame, along with the final budget so that you know the value of your investment. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the size and final format of the work to enable the purchase within your available budget.

* Click here and see some simulation examples


Write down the code of the works you are interested in and send them by email or whatsapp, together with a front photo of the wall where you want to place the work . If you are in doubt about which work to choose, you can send the codes of all you liked, and I will make a simulation for your evaluation.

About the photo on the wall:
> Try to frame the entire wall, from ceiling to floor;

> If the environment doesn't have much space to allow a frontal photo, try placing your cell phone against the opposite wall and use the selfie camera;

> If possible, send other photos of the environment as well so that I can get a sense of the colors, ambiance, and decoration of the environment;

> With the help of a measuring tape, measure something that appeared in the front photo, such as the height of the ceiling or the door,  the width of the sofa,  the distance from the sofa to the ceiling, or other elements.


After your approval, the work will be prepared to specification, printed, framed and packaged for delivery - all done under my supervision. If necessary, I can indicate a partner team for the correct installation of the work at your location.

Additional information

> Only the work, without a frame, can be purchased, and the print will be sent  in roll.

> Not sold  files  for direct printing, nor is printing allowed in places not certified by the author;

> On purchase  just from the impression, it's  It is recommended that the work be glued to foamboard or aluminum, by a qualified professional, and then proceed with the framing. The work should not rest against the glass to prevent moisture absorption. The products used for gluing the work and framing must be acid-free;

>  For better visualization of the work without loss of contrast and sharpness, when framing, it is recommended to use special low-reflection glass or common plain glass. The use of common anti-reflective glass is not recommended;

> My works can also be purchased at the Helena Fretta Art Gallery, in Florianópolis. The values charged are the same as for the direct purchase from the author;


>All work comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the author  with the technical information and  the print number and total run.

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