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(in portuguese: Sensível-Tátil)

sensível-tátil sem fundo.png


This essay proposes a reflection on the hand as a sensitive portrait of our action in the world.


The hand in its multiplicity of senses suggests many possibilities of expression of the being through it as a tool, combining many verbs: kneading, opening, curling, molding, touching, bending, bending, engraving, twisting, holding, cutting, lacing, pouring, suspending , squeezing, seizing, binding, sawing, digging, lighting, rolling, sanding, polishing.


Tactile-portrait as an expression of his sensitive domain of the subject-body.


This is not about nostalgia, but about highlighting the forgotten hand as a tool for work and expression, opposing the idea that work related to the hand does not require thought.


The hand is not autonomous. It's spelling of the portrait of the soul.

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