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Coming soon...

Soon a new serie for you to see, feel, fly to your imaginary universe. Made at a time when the world fearlessly crowded together and everyone didn't even know that pandemics could exist nowadays.

In 2019 I made a short visit to São Paulo, taking advantage of a visit I made to the Nossa Senhora da Paz Monastery, in Itapecerica da Serra, where my aunt lives in cloister and was celebrating her golden jubilee of her ordination as a nun. This visit to the monastery, by the way, resulted in another series that will soon be published here as well.

Direct from the most famous alley in São Paulo, where anonymous artists create their art full of color and movement, where colorful panels serve as a background for other photoshoots, where a "manezinho" (manezinho is a kind way to calling people who were born in Florianópolis) arrives by chance and follows his research for light and movement.

Wait, but wait without hurry. Because in the age of the instantaneous, I follow in my own time. The best things in life take time to mature and develop. If it took me more than 3 years looking and thinking about these photos before I decided to finalize them, how long will it take to get everything ready?

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