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Why do we deprive ourselves of what we want?

I have already told you here how I switched from engineering to photography. And one of the reasons that led me to this change was the possibility of having more free time, of having more flexible schedules to be able to enjoy life with the family more, especially in this phase when the children are young.

But then why was I finding it bad having to change my work routine during my children's school holidays, to be with them for a period of the day, since that was something I wanted?

I still don't have the exact answer to that question. I only know that I realized this inconsistency in time to resolve it. And so, I did my best to resolve everything possible during the morning to have the afternoons free during their vacation, which only lasted just a week. And to our delight, it was a week of good weather.

As you know I love exploring nature, inhospitable and unknown places, exploring possibilities above all. Whenever possible I take my kids along with me on these little adventures, which have been a lot of fun for them. So, nothing better than doing something that is at the same time fun for all of us: me, Marcela, and the children. And exploring new places has been a perfect program for us to do togheter.

That day, when I took these photos, during their vacation, I had promised that we would do a little exploratory adventure. For them, just need to add a little mystery and fantasy to turn a trip to an unknown beach into a great adventure.

It was a beautiful winter afternoon, calm, windless, with clear weather. A very pleasant day. Knowing that it was going to have a spectacular sunset, worthy of being enjoyed without haste, I decided to go to Ribeirão da Ilha, which is in the south of Floripa. It had been a long time since I went there. I took the camera with me, but the idea was to enjoy the moment with them.

While hanging out with them, I saw some scenes that caught my attention and I had to photograph them. A beautiful light like that in a heavenly place is irresistible to me. I felt the photo in the frame above and the photo of the boat are the ones that best represent that moment: calm, serene, with a warm light that comes like a cozy hug with the warmth of the late afternoon sun. Which one would you choose to frame it?

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